Meet our educators

Jade Le Lohe

Jade has a background in the visual arts and her love of creativity, our world and children inspired her to become a Steiner teacher.  She has worked in Steiner schools since 2014, first in Bristol and then in Frome - with children in Kindergarten up to Class 7 - and completed her Steiner teaching practice at Bristol Steiner School.  Her extensive work with children has also included leading after school clubs with renowned Outdoors Project in Bristol and two years of outdoor forest activity sessions.  Her first Class Teacher role began at Steiner Academy Frome in February 2020, in what turned out to be very unique circumstances! 

She is passionate about storytelling, art and nature and believes that humour, lived experience and inspiration through imagination are intrinsic to learning.

With Seven Spokes since its realisation in January 2021, Jade took a break to have her own child, and returned in 2023. She is the main educator, responsible for literacy, numeracy, art, crafts and nature connection.

Lucy Wallens

Lucy is educated to degree level and has a career background in toy design, graphic design and photography for companies such as Myriad Natural Toys, as well as hosting children’s parties and working in Steiner Schools; Ringwood Waldorf School and Steiner Academy Frome, and home-ed groups. She did her Steiner Kindergarten Training in 2018/2019 alongside her assistant and support work in schools. She is also ELSA trained (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) and continues to keep this training up with courses, as well as a focus on courses on neurodiversity, regulation strategies and also occupational therapy for children. With two boys now aged 13 and 9, she also help set up Steiner-inspired Home-Ed groups locally. With Art, Maths and Physics A’levels, and 10 GCSEs Lucy finds she has a strong academic foundation to draw upon when teaching as well.

Lucy is passionate about meeting the needs of children, especially those with the gifts of neurodiversity, where they can be nurtured, and feel happy and safe to explore and be curious about learning and the world around them. She loves to find creative and flexible ways to bring learning to children through their passionate interests and individual talents. With her playful, accepting, curious and empathetic nature, she aims to bring a feeling to each child that everything they may think or feel is ok and understandable. Lucy feels these children are the most precious seeds of our future and it is such an honour to nurture and support them.

In her spare time Lucy enjoys dancing in community, nature, ice skating, festivals, art, pottery and photography. Lucy has worked at Seven Spokes since April 2022, she is a support assistant and also brings ELSA sessions to the group. She loves to work in this environment which feels it is really meeting the needs of the individual children in such a beautiful way and she particularly enjoys the games, singing and creative and playful ways of learning.
Tabitha Devereaux

Tabitha Devereaux

Tabitha joined Seven Spokes in January 2024 and is excited to be working with the children and the educator team in such a unique setting.

Tabitha has a background working in Mental health services: Supporting both one to one and in groups, in community and residential settings. Tabitha first took up a teaching assistant role at the Frome, Steiner school in 2019 where she was inspired and attracted to the Steiner ethos.

Tabitha feels there is a priority to provide an unhurried and creative learning environment for children so that they can experience the wonder and joy of learning without becoming overwhelmed.

Tabitha grew up in a travelling background and spent many years with her family travelling in a caravan all over the UK and Europe. Tabitha was both home schooled and attended mainstream schools throughout her childhood.

Tabitha went on to work in a mainstream School working with children from 5 to 13 which has been a rich learning experience.
Tabitha is currently in the final year of a Diploma in Integrative Counselling and will be qualified later in 2024.

Tabitha has a passion and calling to support children to feel calm and held, whilst providing quality teaching to support the child’s own ideas and knowledge. Tabitha believes learning should be fun as well as informative.
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